LSeng MC-cartrige

Vinyl – for ever. Now this abundantly clear. With approach of a digital epoch the considerable part of fans of music has departed from vinyl, preferring convenience. But the choice is obvious to true fans of a good sound - only vinyl.

It perfectly understand both manufacturers of an audio equipment, and sound recording firms.

In the market the huge offer of the goods intended for reproduction of vinyl, including cartridges. There are the models which are issued throughout decades, is absolutely new. Often among the new there are remarks of legendary cartridges, but there are also new workings out. It is a correct way because the potential of format LP far isn't settled. Alas, "the ideal" cartridge isn't created. And here for modern designers possibility to show the abilities opens. The only stipulation - the designer should not only be able to solve engineering problems, he should love and understand music. Fans of vinyl for certain know examples of the "brilliant" engineering decisions, not capable to reproduce for the sake of what they were created.

Throughout several years I was engaged in repair of MC-cartridges. The majority has a similar design and differs only a configuration and applied materials. In a magnetic backlash there is a coil which has been reeled up on a core from iron (permaloy, a plasticity). Into a core on the one hand it is fixed cant with a needle, and with another - thin no-resonanse draft (metal, kapron). By means of this draft the skeleton with the coil through a damper is fixed in a backlash, and degree of a tightness and flexibility of draft define flexibility of mobile system. So hundred percent of MC-cartridges are arranged almost.

It is necessary to carry absence of accurate positioning of the coil to lacks of this system in a backlash at influence of the modulated flute on a needle. The matter is that both draft, and a damper - flexible that allows the coil to "creep" on a damper. The movement part, removed by a needle, leads to coil displacement while should rotate the coil in a magnetic field. Developers know about this problem and are engaged in compromise search between flexibility of draft and a damper. One it is possible better, another is worse, therefore at a similar design cartridges sound differently.

Once to me the good cartridge of one known firm has got to hands in a non-working condition. It was found out that at him draft (widespread enough defect) is torn off, and he isn't subject to restoration: unless only industrially, with full replacement of mobile system

The decision has ripened in the form of a basic needle. I have rearranged a damper on other party and a needle have pressed to him a coil skeleton. Now only the damper sets flexibility of mobile system, more precisely, degree of his loading. In a backlash the coil can make only rotary motions

The first listenings have shown that absolutely new type of a cartridge has turned out. Character of sounding differs very strongly, and, to the best. It has turned out that solving a repair problem, I have solved other problem of MC-cartridges. After a while I have dared to show a product to experts. Conclusions coincided.

Naturally, I couldn't stop, there was the first, the head completely made my hands. I have improved the bearing knot, having applied pair a ruby cup - a diamond needle, the coil core has made from fashionable carbon. Has developed original design of the case from sandal a tree, has ordered the most powerful magnets in Switzerland. That is represented on a photo in the beginning has as a result turned out.

At present at me small-scale manufacture of the given products is adjusted. Cartridges possess magnificent repeatability, a unique lack - laborious enough adjustment after assemblage.


I apply needles of Japanese manufacture, at present - "linecontact". I am going to try in the near future SAS manufactures JICO, Japan.

As two variants МОNО of heads have been made, and they have shown fine results. But while I don't develop this direction in connection with absence of steady demand.